3CM Waterfall Leathered_Dolomite

3CM Waterfall Leathered, Dolomite

Size: 79″ x 55.75″

3CM White Spring LF Exotic Granite
3CM White Spring Leathered Island with Farmhouse Sink Cutout

3CM White Spring, Leathered, Exotic Granite

124″ x 48″ (AF31)

3CM White Spring, Leathered, Exotic Granite Kitchen Island

with Apron Front/Farmhouse Undermount Sink Cutout

Measurements on Drawing (Client Enlarged Island after it was fabricated) – Granite Matches Piece Above
3cm-Taj-Mahal-Quartzite, Polished

3CM Taj Mahal Quartzite, Polished (AF27)

We can cut three different sizes from this piece:

94-7/8″ x 41.5″, 59-1/8″ x 73-1/8″, OR 59-3/8″ x 31-1/8″

2CM Silver Pearl Leathered, Premium Basic

2CM Silver Pearl Leathered, Premium Basic

Size: 115.75″ x 52.25″

3CM Fantasy Brown Marble

3CM Fantasy Brown, Polished, Marble (AF33)

Size: 120″ x 49.5″

2cm Blue Bahia Ultra Premium Exotic Granite

2CM Blue Bahia Ultra Premium Exotic Granite, Polished

Sizes Available:

90″ x 36″ (AF39)

117-7/8″ x 18-7/8″ (AF39)

64-5/8″ x 61-3/4″ (AF41)


3CM Typhoon Bordeaux Exotic Granite, Leathered (AF66)

Size: 120.5″ x 48-5/8″

3CM Magma, Premium Exotic Granite, Polished

3CM Magma, Premium Exotic Granite, Polished (AF53)

Two Pieces Available:  62″ x 33.5″ and 80.25″ x 36.25″

2CM Superlative, Honed_Dolomite

2CM Superlative, Honed, Dolomite

Size: 75-7/8″ x 20-7/8″

3CM White Spring, Exotic Granite, Polished

3CM White Spring Exotic Granite, Polished

Size: 95.75″ x 24.5″

3cm Statuario Quartzite-Polished

3CM Statuario Quartzite, Polished (AF36)

Also called Giotto Quartzite

Second Piece: 127-5/8″ x 29.5″

First Piece: 80.5″ x 24.5″ or 55.25″ x 26.25″  or “52.75” x 35″

3CM Galaxy White Exotic Granite

3CM Galaxy White, Polished, Exotic Granite (AF30)

Size: 134″ x 48.75″

2CM-Cambria-Quartz_ Bellingham_Polished

2CM Cambria Quartz: Bellingham, Polished

Size Available: 64-3/8″ x 35-1/8″

3CM Taj Mahal Quartzite, Leathered

3CM Taj Mahal Quartzite, Leathered (AF30)

Size: 128.5″ x 48.75″

2cm Cambria New Quay Quartz

2CM Cambria Quartz: New Quay, Polished (AF45)

Size: 99″ x 25-1/2″

3cm Sea Pearl Quartzite

3CM Sea Pearl Quartzite, Polished

Available Sizes:

64-7/16″ x 58-3/16″ (AF32)

61-7/8″ x 25-1/2″ (AF43) This piece has a partial Roman Ogee Edge Profile

3cm Cambria Canterbury Quartz

3CM Cambria Quartz: Canterbury, Polished

Sizes Available:

132″ x 39″ (AF62)

81″ x 21-3/8″ (AF48)

3cm Cambria Canterbury Quartz

2CM Cambria Quartz: Canterbury, Polished

Size Available:

132″ x 42.5″ (AF65)

3cm Lapidus Leathered Exotic Granite

3CM Lapidus Exotic Granite, Leathered (AF40)

Two Pieces Available: (1) 104-11/16″ x 17.25″ & (2) 70.75″ x 20.75″

3cm Colonial Cream Exotic Granite-Polished

3CM Colonial Cream Exotic Granite-Polished

Available Size:

81″ x 79″ (AF14)

3cm_Wild Sea Premium Exotic Granite

3CM Wild Sea Premium Exotic Granite, Polished

Available:  132″ x 39″ (AF62), 85.5″ x 31.25″ (AF47),

86″ x 36.25″ (AF47), 76″ x 21.25″ (AF24),  77″ x 30.5″ (AF24)

2cm African Rainbow Exotic Granite

2CM African Rainbow Exotic Granite, Polished

One Piece:  50″ x 22″ or 44″ x 29.75″

2CM Silestone Quartz: Daria

2CM Silestone Quartz: Daria, Polished

Available Size: 76-1/8″ x 33″

3cm River White Exotic Granite - Leathered

3CM River White Exotic Granite – Leathered

Available Size: 87-3/8″ x 74-1/2″ (AF35)

2cm Sienna River Exotic Granite

2CM Sienna River Exotic Granite, Polished (AF38)

Size: 117″ x 23-1/4″

2cm Bianco Antico Exotic Granite-Polished

2CM Bianco Antico Exotic Granite – Polished

Two Pieces Available: (1) 72″ x 49.5″ (2) 94-3/8″ x 46″

3cm Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble, Polished

3CM Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble, Polished

Size: 78-1/4″ x 26-1/4″ (AF39)

3cm Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble, Polished

3CM Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble, Polished

Size: 60.5″ x 26.5″ (AF38)

3CM Sapphire Blue Granite_42.75

3CM Sapphire Blue, Basic Granite, Polished

Size Available: 125″ x 42.75″ (PR)

3CM Brownie Granite

3CM Brownie, Exotic Granite, Polished (AF34)

58.25″ x 30-3/8″

3CM Cambria Brittanicca™ Quartz_3cm

3CM Cambria Brittanicca™ Quartz, Luxury Series Quartz, Polished

Size: 66.5″ x 43.5″

3CM Bianco Goia™ Quartz_Color Quartz

3CM Bianco Goia™ Quartz, Color Quartz, Polished (AF35)

Size: 74-1/8″ x 35.25″

3CM Sapphire Blue Granite_42.75

2CM Sapphire Blue, Basic Granite, Polished (AF8)

Two Pieces Available: 123.5″ x 49-3/8″ or 72″ x 42″

2cm Rococo, LG Hausys Viatera Quartz, Polished

2CM Rococo, LG Hausys Viatera Quartz, Polished (AF34)

Size: 103-1/8″ x 30.75″

3cm Brown Dunes Exotic Marble

3CM Brown Dunes Exotic Marble, Polished

Size: 69-5/16″ x 37.25″

3cm Arctic White Q Premium Quartz

3CM Arctic White MSI Q Premium Quartz, Polished (AF63)

Size: 127-5/16″ x 35-3/8″

2cm Verde Fusion, Polished, Basic Granite

2CM Verde Fusion, Basic B Granite, Polished

Three Pieces Available: 72″ x 23-1/8″ (R5), 70-1/8″ x 23″ (R5) and 85″ x 23-1/16″ (R32)

2cm Silestone Mediterraneo Quart

2CM Silestone Quartz: Mediterraneo, Polished (AF41)

Available Size: 88-13/16″ x 36″


3CM Taj Mahal Quartzite, Polished

Size: 61-5/8″ x 25-7/16″ (AF49)