Any piece that is up to five foot long (60″) is considered a REMNANT

2CM Calacatta Classique, Polished, MSI Q-Premium Quartz

2CM MSI Q-Premium Quartz: Calacatta Classique, Polished

Size: 50″ x 34″

Note: Tread-mark from forklift is on plastic sheathing, not on Quartz

3cm-Taj-Mahal-Quartzite, Polished

3CM Taj Mahal Quartzite, Polished

Available Sizes: 55.5″ x 48″

3cm Palladian Grey Recycled Glass

3CM Vetrazzo Recycled Glass: Palladian Gray

Glass Source:  Demolition & Architectural Glass

Size Available:  59.5″ x 49.5″

3cm Cambria Canterbury Quartz

3CM Cambria Quartz: Canterbury , Polished

Size: 45.5″ x 42-1/8″

Cambria Summerhill Quartz-2cm

2CM Cambria Quartz: Summerhill

Size: 29″ x 29″


2CM Taj Mahal Quartzite

Size: 29″ x 49″


3CM MSI Q-Premium Quartz: Gray Lagoon, Concrete Finish (Leathered),

Size: 50-7/8″ x 38.75″ or 32″ x 63.5″

3CM Fossil Gray, Polished, MSI Q-Premium Quartz

3CM Fossil Gray, Polished, MSI Q-Premium Quartz

Two Available Pieces: 54-3/16″ x 35.5″ and 46″ x 37″

3cm Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble

3CM Fantasy Brown Exotic Marble, Polished

Available Size:  48″ x 25-1/2″

3cm Vicostone Misterio Quartz_BQ8815

3CM Vicostone Quartz: Misterio, Polished

Size: 56-1/2″ x 46-11/16″

3cm-Verde-Fusion_Basic_Builder B

3CM Verde Fusion, Basic B, Polished

Available Sizes: 49.25″ x 37.5″ (AF7) & 46″ x 38-1/8″ (AF20)


3CM Calacatta Marble

Size: 46-3/8″ x 27.25″

3cm Arctic-White-Q Premium Natural Quartz

3CM MSI Q-Premium Quartz: Arctic White, Polished

Size:  56″ x 24-7/8″ (AF63)

More to come!