We frequently get asked this question because most people ARE NOT Geologist and just do not know what granite actually is!

Below are links to a few reputable web sites that will provide you with an answer to this question:


Granite: What is Granite? What is Granite Used For?

Granite: What’s In a Name?

Examples of various Granites:

Butterfly Beige, Toffee, or Ferro Gold

BASIC GRANITE: Butterfly Beige or Ferro Gold

Exotic Granite: Yellow River


Exotic Granite: Desert Dream (Schist)

EXOTIC GRANITE (SCHIST): Desert Dream a.k.a. Magma, Magma Gold, or Sedna

Exotic Granite (Gneiss) called Viscon White, Viscount White, Silver Cloud, or Salone

EXOTIC GRANITE (GNEISS): Viscon White a.k.a. Viscount White,

Silver Cloud, or Salone