Are your expectations of the appearance of your natural stone countertops realistic? All natural stones (Granite, Marble, Quartzite, or Dolomite) have pitting to some extent, though most are barely visible. Pits and fissures are something that you will have to expect when choosing natural stone for your countertops.

“Pits and fissures are a natural part of a stones make up. Pits are small spaces between the different crystalline structures. Fissures or “hairline cracks” are a natural result to the heating and cooling process during the stones formation and should not be confused with structural cracks that go through the entire slab. Some stones will have more of these natural characteristics than others. Pits & fissures are a normal part of stone and will not impair their function or durability.” (from Specialty Kitchens “Granite 101” at

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