Sink Mount Styles


A traditional type of sink where the edges of the sink are mounted on top the counter. The weight of an overmount sink is supported by the countertop. An overmount sink is great for countertops made from soft material such as marble. Overmount sinks will help protect the edges of marble countertops. Overall, an overmount countertop is cheaper and easier to install than other type of sink mounts.


Undermount sinks are popular with natural stone countertops. This type of sink is installed below the counter and held in place with a strong adhesive. An undermount sink allows the natural beauty of your countertop to be unobstructed by the edges of your sink. Cleaning up your countertop is easier with an undermount sink because any food and liquids can be swept into the sink without the edges in the way.

Farmhouse or Apron Front

Your Farmhouse or Apron Front sink might be designed to mount above the countertop (overmount or top-mount) or below the counter (undermount). It is important to know what type of mount your Farmhouse or Apron Front Sink is when selecting your natural stone or quartz countertop and requesting a quote.


Vessel sinks can be partially recessed in the countertop or sit on top. Decide on the location for the vessel sink and faucet before your granite installation is scheduled. Two things to keep in mind when deciding on a vessel sink: (1) comfort and ease of use, the vanity height along with the measurement up to the top of the vessel sink should not be over 36” tall and (2) make sure you buy the correct faucet for a vessel sink, use a tall faucet with a long spout. The holes for your Vessel Sink drain pipe and the vessel faucet are usually drilled on-site.